1 Fl Oz  

Too-Meric Paste With Essential Oils


Ingredients: Our toothpaste is made with a mixture of Turmeric, Lemon Extract,Baking Soda, Peroxide and Essential Oils.

How to use: Wet your tooth brush, Dip your brush in the paste (A little goes a long way). And brush. We recommend that you brush for 2 min and that you are cautious of possible staining due to the Turmeric. Lastly..Rinse and smile in the mirror because You are worth it! 

Fun Fact: It can also be used as a spot treatment for dark spots! We recommend using a pinch size of paste when applying on your face.

How To Care: Our paste loves being kept in a Cool, Dry Area. And.. Guess what?! Their is no expiration date. 

Mr.E Too-Meric Paste with Essential Oils